ScopeMedia is an enterprise started by two ordinary guys, both friends, entrepreneurial minded and both enthusiastic about flying UAV's. 

Since they were also interested in making photo's and videos, they decided to combine all of the above and start their very own aerial imaging company.
After some brainstorming, researching and a lot of laughing, ScopeMedia was born.

We provide services for aerial photography and aerial videography for various purposes.

We deliver aerial portfolios for private and commercial use. We do inspections for construction-, energy- and mobile companies or provide footage for tv and film.

There are 1000's of situations where it might be preferable to use a video equipped UAV instead of a helicopter, a guy hanging
from a rope or standing on a ladder,... And that's when ScopeMedia can help you

What we do and How we do it

"That’s a drone !". You probably call it a Drone, but if you call it UAV, or multicopter, or quad, then it sounds a lot nicer.
Actually, our UAV's are GPS-connected, stabilized and flown by skilled pilots under safe circumstances.
This means, away from people that are not under control of the shoot organizer, and always in Line-of-Sight. 

We can fly when it's windy, up to a certain degree, and when it's cold. We can't fly when it's raining. We fly outdoors and indoors, providing live video,
so the customer sees what the UAV sees. This way we can aim for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

To give you a better view on our imaging capabilities feel free to watch our reel 2016:

Scope Media Demo Reel