Are you an industrial plant owner or a mobile company and you agree that it’s safer and less of an effort to fly a UAV to do inspections than an employee climbing up installations or cell phone towers?

Or maybe you are you a private home owner, a real estate agent or have you recently bought property and planning to build your dream house? 

Directors looking for a cool establishment shot or working on their new film project? 

In these and many more cases ScopeMedia can deliver you high quality aerial imaging.

Below are a number of suggestions on where ScopeMedia can provide you added value.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us to something that isn’t on the list.


  • Inspection:

    • Industrial installations
    • Wind turbines
    • Cell phone towers / antennae
    • Electrical infrastructure
    • Agricultural inspection
    • Land surveys
    • Cartography
    • …etc


  • Real Estate:

    • Aerials for commercial use by real estate agents
    • Aerial portfolio for the home owner
    • Aerial portfolio of your new house as it’s getting build (see Special Offers)
    • Commercial site photography
    • Monuments and landmarks
    • ...etc


  • Events:

    • Corporate events, weddings, …
    • Festivals
    • Sporting events
    • ...etc


  • Film and TV:

    • Establishment shots
    • Movie Footage
    • Tripod in the sky
    • Commercials
    • Videoclips
    • ...etc